All About Me

hm, how to start??? well i was born into this corrupted world on December, 14, 1993. I was given the strangest name (if the name is ugly, its not unique); Siri. God knows where that came from. I have an older brother that is super SKINNY and a younger brother that can pass for an obese American. With this said, I loved them both. I’ve been a short kid throughout my whole life, I am now standing with the height of 5ft and i weigh below 100 pounds. People have said i looked proportional but that’s not what i see when I looked at the mirror. Hm, I have a Dog phobia, I cant stand dogs, if i was to rate all the animals out there, dogs would be at the bottom of my list and fishes would be at the very top. Also, I seriously think, i have a weird sense of humor, i laugh at the most pathetic and lame things. Not only that but I enjoy wasting my time watching dramas and randomly dancing. My favorite drama would probably be Autumn Concerto, Vanness Wu is just pure hotness, I hyperventilate every time i see him. I also get jealous very easily, i am not proud to admit this but its true. I can say a lot of things about me, but i don’t wanna bored anyone when reading this, so i’ll stop now. That’s the thing i hate the most about myself; I over think a lot. *sigh*

P.S: I have a food addiction, i need to eat every hour and a half. seriously.

PhotobucketFavorite Drama : Autumn concerto 

PhotobucketFavorite Food : cantaloupes,honey dew, steamed carrot,Gulaman,sphagetti,BBQ,sushi

PhotobucketFavorite Movie : The Notebook,Titanic,Heavenly forest, Taken, The sixth sense, Vanilla sky


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